Annually, VFW members and its Auxiliary contribute more than 13 million hours of volunteerism in the community, including participation in Make A Difference Day and National Volunteer Week.

From providing $2.5 million in college scholarships to high school students every year to encouraging elevation of the Veterans Administration to the president's cabinet, the VFW is there--honoring the dead by helping the living.

Our strength comes from you.

Simply put, the VFW strives to do good things for deserving people; particularly veterans, their families, and their communities.  From local grassroots ideas to national influence, we work everyday to make a difference.  It's our strength as an organization.  And, with each individual membership, we only grow stronger.

The VFW honor guard regularly provides military honors to our veterans.

The VFW holds the resilience and dedication of today's military family in the highest esteem. These families believe in something larger than themselves, and their selflessness is inspiring.

 Through VFW programs like VFW Operation Uplinkā„¢, VFW Unmet Needs and VFW's Military Assistacne Program, we're doing even more to ensure not a single service member, veteran, or their families fall through the cracks. Whether you or your family need the opportunity to call home more often, or a deployment has caused financial strain, we are the organization to turn to. We're an organization of veterans helping veterans! 

Unmet Needs

Deployments are a very difficult time for military families. Fact is, basic military pay doesn't always cover "basic needs" -mortgages, health care, groceries, the list goes on. Unmet Needs provides emergency grants to military families who need temporary help making ends meet.

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